• Active Corporation

    Active Corporation

    Japanese brand specializing in quality stationery, some models are assembled by hand. The company was born in 1987 and is originally from Tokyo.


  • Art Daifuku

    Art Daifuku

    Yuméno makes adorable and extraordinary papier-mâché figurines in Yamagata Prefecture. She is an autodidact who puts all her kindness in her creations.

    You can discover his unique universe on his instagram account @artdaifuku and via his site

  • Asiatides
  • Awaji Island Koh-Shi

    Awaji Island Koh-Shi

    A cooperative of master perfumer known as master koh shi located in Awa jima in Japan. They are each at the head of a small workshop, as can be seen from their websites and company pages that I give you in description under the product sheet.


    Thus, on each product sheet, you will be able to see which master and his workshop to create an incense fragrance with typically Japanese tones as well as videos showing its manufacture and use.


    They called on a communication company to make packaging and communication suitable for international sales and European standards.


    You can also find more information on their site:



    And on the cooperative's You Tube channel:



    In addition, don't forget to check out our collection of handmade ceramic incense holders from Japan.

  • BGM Corporation

    BGM Corporation

    Small Tokyo brand, created in 2016, specialized in stationery as cute as it is refined.


    Find the brand on their website:


  • Chirimen Zaikukan Museum

    Chirimen Zaikukan Museum

    Asian Nomads presents its hand-made collection from Kansai from the well-known shops of the Chirimen Zaikukan Museum workshop in Kyoto.


    Very kawaii accessories and decorative objects made entirely in Chirimen, a refined silk or rayon fabric with beautiful traditional patterns. Finishes with a sense of detail and Japanese standards. Come and meet all the poetry of Japanese folklore and imagination.

  • Fujinami Uzura

    Fujinami Uzura

    Artist designer, illustrator, he particularly likes to draw yokai and other little Japanese monsters.


    You can find his universe on his instagram account @fujinami_uzura and on his website


    Its stationery is produced by oriental berry inc. . This brand has a nice range of Japanese stationery in partnership with artists. You will find his insta account here.

  • Ichinomiya Hariko

    Ichinomiya Hariko

    Manufacturer of traditional Japanese papier-mâché hariko and ceramic dolls under the torii gate of the Tamamae shrine in Kuniichigu in Kazusa.


    The shop is old and very pretty. A beautiful setting for pretty creations filled with legends and iconographies of Japanese art. All is handmade with love.

  • Jizodou


    Presentation of Jizodou Kyoto and its crafts

    Yoshihisa Kato is a craftsman who makes very cute porcelain Jizô shaped and painted by hand with great delicacy and poetry. The jizô are the protective Buddhas of children in life and in death. they are, traditionally, carved in stone sometimes dressed in a bib, a cap. They are present, in large numbers, everywhere in Japan and particularly in Kyoto.


    The work of Japanese craftsman Kato san.

    Kato san also makes adorable Manekineko, the lucky cat. He creates figurines but also bowls, dishes and other containers. His art is expressed mainly by the work of ceramics and porcelain, in red clay or a special mixture for porcelain, painted by hand with iron or with the kuresu method (pretty blue). Most often they are without enamel, sometimes with a transparent glaze giving a nice shine and fired at 1230 degrees.


    An exceptional Japanese place conducive to creation

    His shop and workshop are located in the beautiful district along the aqueduct, near the Kiyomizu-dera temple. This district, restoring the peaceful and sublime atmosphere of the old, is classified world heritage of Unesco. He can draw from it all the tranquility and gentleness necessary for his creations.

  • Katotouki


    Kato pottery specializes in omikuji (statuettes containing a charm that can be purchased in temples and shrines.) And in manekineko. Designer Fujiyasu (artist name) has a very modern vision that has breathed new life into his Japanese objects. Everything is done entirely by hand in Seto big city with quality production in Japan.


    You will find the workshop, manufacture of Kato pottery on its site and on its very lively Instagram account @katotouki.

    You can also discover his creations in the temples of Aichi prefecture in some temples like @Isahaya.jinja.shrine

  • Kaya


    Kaya is a brand that wants to highlight Japanese craftsmanship. The textile work is particularly highlighted such as noren, tenugui and clothing including our superb socks. Everything is main made with the spirit of Japan and a nice modern and colorful touch.

  • Keiko Nogami

    Keiko Nogami

    Discover the art of Keiko Nogami, born in Osaka, this Japanese artist passionate about calligraphy and painting also loves cats and poetry or Japanese literature. She is a complete artist because she also plays taiko (Japanese drum) during the matsuri (many Japanese festivals in summer) in Kobe. His works have been the subject of numerous exhibitions since 2015 in Japan, France, Italy and the United States (New York, Atlanta).

    I met him at the Japan Expo 2018 and I fell in love with his work. She exhibited and performed a very beautiful performance of painting on large format live. I wanted to share with you my crush.

    Meet her artistic universe on her instagram account @keikonogami or fb @keiko.nogami.395.

  • Kimura and Co.

    Kimura and Co.

    Sachiyo Kimura is an artisan modern-retro toy designer from Kyoto, Japan.


    She graduated from Kyoto University of the Arts. She practices both woodworking through her matryoshka, as well as papier-mâché (the art of hariko) and ceramics that she paints by hand.


    She also likes to listen to bossa nova when she creates ...

  • Koneko Shoppu

    Koneko Shoppu





    Behind the Koneko brand, there is Amandine's know-how and her inspiration drawn from her first trip to Japan during her walks from Tokyo to Kyoto and her love of cats.




    She uses Japanese motifs, free of rights, from all the Japanese cultural spectrum, katagami stencils, urushi lacquer, Japanese chiyogami papers, manga, her travel photos. She also uses chirimen cords, a specialty of Kansai fabric work, which she brings back from her travels in Japan.



    During manufacture, she develops different resin molding techniques that allow her to achieve very successful results: the jewelry is beautiful, without solid opacity, the pattern is visible. The resin remains fine and shiny and of incomparable lightness. Goodbye to long and heavy earrings that hurt… Long live second-skin jewelry that you forget.


    Each piece of jewelry is accompanied by a hand-made gift bag, included in the price, an original creation from Amandine, which also includes little Japanese surprises. Gifts in the gift.


    These creations are graphic, light and colorful at the same time, full of finesse, poetry and humor.


     Welcome to the world of Koneko Shoppu.

  • Mako Tirinto
  • Maruco Art

    Maruco Art

    Maruco is a full time, talented illustrator. She creates a universe full of adorable watercolor creatures, often spirea ones from Japan. She created her company 4 years ago in Taiwan.


    She declines her universe in stationery, stamps and illustrations for publications.


    You can discover her cute creations on her instagram account @maruco_art. You will also discover its other sites and its facebook and twitter account.

  • Marucoro chan

    Marucoro chan

    Who is Marucoro chan?

    The designer behind the brand is called Ryoko Watanabe. She lives in Kanagawa Prefecture and created her studio in 2014. She graduated in graphic design. Since 2016, she has made numerous exhibitions and her creations are today present in many points of sale all over Japan.


    Japanese ceramics, a passion.

    She skillfully handles ceramics and different types of pottery to create terribly cute little characters, kokeshi, daruma, fox (kisune) and manekineko.


    You will find all his creations and his universe on his site:


    and his instagram account @marucoro_chan

  • Meotoya Iroe
  • Noboru Wagatsuma

    Noboru Wagatsuma

    This is an eraser stamp maker club. They are particularly gifted, their work is fine and full of details. They received the gold medal at the International Eraser Stamp Fair for their excellent technical work. Their pads are made of rubber with a light wood handle from the forests of Mie. 1% of their turnover is devoted to replanting the forests of the Mie prefecture.

    Craftsman specializing in Togatta style kokeshi dolls, he is capable of incredible creativity. His creations are extraordinary and his imagination endless.

    He was trained by Tokarita for 3 years before starting out as an independent in 2018.

    He works in Miyagi Prefecture. He is very active on his instagram account @noboru_singer_kokeshi .

  • Ohashi
  • Onishi-Kyosendo
  • Original Kogin Works
  • Pivo Hankoholly

    Pivo Hankoholly

    This is an eraser stamp maker club. They are particularly gifted, their work is fine and full of details.

    They received the gold medal at the International Eraser Stamp Fair for their excellent technical work.

    Their pads are made of rubber with a light wood handle from the forests of Mie. 1% of their turnover is devoted to replanting the forests of the Mie prefecture.

    Vous pouvez suivre leur travail sur leur compte instagram: @pivo_hankoholly

  • Sakurai kokeshi
  • Sarany shop
  • Shinzi Katoh
  • Thé Ochaya
  • Vectculture
  • Wanglong Céramics