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The workshop has existed for 90 years, it is specialized in the manufacture of daruma. They are completely handmade. The owner Hiroshisai Imai responded very quickly and very kindly to my requests. Thank you the kamis of Japanese crafts!

I had noticed her very beautiful Amabie Daruma too.

The Workshop and Shop located in Gunma Prefecture, Takasaki Town. You can follow their instagram account: @imai_daruma

The workshop is very lively, they have collaborations with large companies but also associations. They are known for the quality of their daruma and their creative customizations.

Their website:

A very interesting video created by Jetro Gunma from 2020 shows the workshop, the shop and the creation of the daruma. You can watch it with this link: https: // V = lzjg9v_ZzvY

I advise you to subscribe to their little You Tube channel to discover the crafts and specialties of Gunma. I also created on my You tube channel a Daruma playlist with in particular the method of making daruma, other creators of Daruma from Takasaki and also a performance by the owner of the brand.

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