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This is an eraser stamp maker club. They are particularly gifted, their work is fine and full of details. They received the gold medal at the International Eraser Stamp Fair for their excellent technical work. Their pads are made of rubber with a light wood handle from the forests of Mie. 1% of their turnover is devoted to replanting the forests of the Mie prefecture.

Craftsman specializing in Togatta style kokeshi dolls, he is capable of incredible creativity. His creations are extraordinary and his imagination endless.

He was trained by Tokarita for 3 years before starting out as an independent in 2018.

He works in Miyagi Prefecture. He is very active on his instagram account @noboru_singer_kokeshi .

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Kokeshi with autumn patterns by Wagatsuma Noboru

Kokeshi with autumn...

Price €16.00
Pile of fallen leaves by  Wagatsuma Noboru

Pile of fallen leaves by...

Price €30.00
copy of kokeshi

copy of kokeshi

Price €45.00
Kokeshi Rabbit making mochis

Kokeshi Rabbit making mochis

Price €58.00