Sakurai Kokeshi dolls

An encounter with exceptional dolls

I wanted to offer you a collection of kokeshi dolls but different from the dolls that we usually find in even specialized shops. I was looking for something more authentic, more refined, and above all I wanted excellence.

 In September 2016, I first met Naomichi san, the son of master craftsman Akihiro Sakurai, who came specially to France for the first time to promote their Kokeshi dolls.

I had a crush! I had never seen such graceful kokeshi dolls, with such fine painted decorations ... I greatly appreciated his desire to stay in tune with the times, to continue the tradition, while exploring new possibilities but also to revitalize its territory. Indeed, he wants to adapt to changes in his environment, to social transformations and to give voice to the other inhabitants of Naruko through his Koshiki project.

Adopting a doll is helping to enrich a local economy whose population is aging and declining to save traditional skills.


My selection of kokeshi


This year, my cash flow allowed me (yes she speaks to me!) Finally to offer you their sublime Kokeshi. A choice that is both borrowed from tradition with classic Naruko dolls and very modern with the incredible design of Hagoromo dolls.

For now, I only offer wooden dolls from Mizuki. If success is there, I would complete with more precious wooden dolls like sakura wood. You can discover Sakurai Kokeshi's 2018 collections by watching this video.

Through this selection, let's travel together to Naruko in the province of Miyagi, to discover this region, its men and this exceptional craftsmanship.

Rare and exceptional handcrafted Sakurai kokeshi dolls from Japan

Sakurai Kokeshi dolls

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