Japanese atmosphere, fragrances and serenity

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The enchantment of the incense of the Japanese master perfumers of Awajima.


Certain brands of Japanese incense are very well known today in France, the problem is that the manufacturing methods are poorly informed and these are very large productions where the perfumes can lose their singularity.

Normally behind the smoke of an incense fragrance, there is the creation of a man, the master perfumer.

Les maître parfumeurs fabricants d'encens dit maîtres koh-shi

Masu filter receptacle for teleportation to Japan

Masu are cypress wood glasses ... SO SO! They are assembled just by an interlocking without nail or screw. First used as a unit of measure thanks to different sizes, it is now more commonly used as a sake container. Thanks to the particularity of hinoki wood, it gives it an inimitable and original taste.

Its artisanal production was going to disappear, a Japanese wanted to give it a rebirth and created its Ohashi workshop in Gifu. During our meeting, I could realize the charm of this object, design objects, storage for your office or your bathroom, communication support, a sensual object with the scent and taste of cypress, both traditional and modern.

In your bath, relax with our bath masu from the Ohashi workshop. Bath salts with a natural Japanese scent in a beautiful wooden hinoki container for gourmets, enthusiasts and dreamers.

Japanese atmosphere, fragrances and serenity

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