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Behind the Koneko brand, there is Amandine's know-how and her inspiration drawn from her first trip to Japan during her walks from Tokyo to Kyoto and her love of cats.




She uses Japanese motifs, free of rights, from all the Japanese cultural spectrum, katagami stencils, urushi lacquer, Japanese chiyogami papers, manga, her travel photos. She also uses chirimen cords, a specialty of Kansai fabric work, which she brings back from her travels in Japan.



During manufacture, she develops different resin molding techniques that allow her to achieve very successful results: the jewelry is beautiful, without solid opacity, the pattern is visible. The resin remains fine and shiny and of incomparable lightness. Goodbye to long and heavy earrings that hurt… Long live second-skin jewelry that you forget.


Each piece of jewelry is accompanied by a hand-made gift bag, included in the price, an original creation from Amandine, which also includes little Japanese surprises. Gifts in the gift.


These creations are graphic, light and colorful at the same time, full of finesse, poetry and humor.


 Welcome to the world of Koneko Shoppu.

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