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Presentation of Jizodou Kyoto and its crafts

Yoshihisa Kato is a craftsman who makes very cute porcelain Jizô shaped and painted by hand with great delicacy and poetry. The jizô are the protective Buddhas of children in life and in death. they are, traditionally, carved in stone sometimes dressed in a bib, a cap. They are present, in large numbers, everywhere in Japan and particularly in Kyoto.


The work of Japanese craftsman Kato san.

Kato san also makes adorable Manekineko, the lucky cat. He creates figurines but also bowls, dishes and other containers. His art is expressed mainly by the work of ceramics and porcelain, in red clay or a special mixture for porcelain, painted by hand with iron or with the kuresu method (pretty blue). Most often they are without enamel, sometimes with a transparent glaze giving a nice shine and fired at 1230 degrees.


An exceptional Japanese place conducive to creation

His shop and workshop are located in the beautiful district along the aqueduct, near the Kiyomizu-dera temple. This district, restoring the peaceful and sublime atmosphere of the old, is classified world heritage of Unesco. He can draw from it all the tranquility and gentleness necessary for his creations.

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